France A. Córdova, Chancellor Since UCR opened its doors to instruction 50 years ago, it has evolved into a mature, research-extensive university-the only one of its kind in Southern California's Inland Empire. We have an impact on our students, our research disciplines, and the economic and cultural development of our region. We are an engaged university. This is reflected throughout the strategic goals and vision we have set forth for the campus.

Our faculty form the backbone of UCR. As the campus has grown to 17,000 students, our faculty remain accessible, a characteristic recognized year after year in student surveys. Students also benefit because our faculty's active engagement in the creation of new knowledge. Much of their research is aimed at problems at the regional, national, or even global level-issues ranging from the water policy to childhood development, and technologies spanning nanoscience to the visual arts.

Our students are engaged, too. Many undergraduates participate in fellowships, internships, or hands-on research. Both graduate and undergraduate students are represented on our Chancellor's Leadership Council, and serve on a variety of campus committees. Through student government, they advise the campus administration on issues related to curriculum, information technology, safety, scholarships and honors, and student fees. In addition, they are actively helping us to find ways to enrich the student experience.

None of this would be possible without the assistance of our professional and dedicated staff. As recent budget cuts have demanded more and more from UCR staff, they have risen to the challenge to provide excellent service to our students, support to our faculty, and outreach to our community.

UCR offers a window into the rest of the nation and the world. Our undergraduates come to us from 35 states and 22 countries; nearly one-third of our graduate students are from foreign lands. UCR is widely known as one of the most diverse public universities in the nation, ranked third by U.S. News and World Report.

Our diversity is celebrated as students, faculty, and staff share in our Principles of Community, aimed at promoting a welcome and inclusive climate on our campus. As Chancellor, I take great pride both in the diversity of UCR and in the atmosphere of community and mutual respect that we enjoy.

France A. Córdova,

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